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Are You Looking for Supplies?

These vendors carry general lacemaking supplies (including bobbins, threads, pins, pillows, books, and patterns), hand-turned bobbins and needlework tools, tatting supplies, beads, books, hard-to-find books, and supplies for other fiber arts.


Guilds and Other Sources of Information about Lacemaking

Below are links to some national and international lace-related organizations as well other lace guilds.


  • Arachne - Arachne's Web Server is dedicated to the lacemaker's art.
  • bobbinlace - An active group discussing anything related to the craft of making bobbin lace, on Yahoo.
  • Caprai Museum in Italy - This is a virtual textile museum. They have a virtual book by Rosoni Di Merletto called Lace Rose Windows. The lace is inspired by the rose windows in cathedrals.
  • Catherine Barley's Website - If you have some time and would like to see some breathtaking work, try this website.
  • Digital Archive of Documents Related to Lace - A source for out-of-copyright publications in digital format.
  • Elizabeth Kurella's Website - Elizabeth is a lace curator, lace dealer, lace-maker, lace collector, and author of lace books enjoyed by countless lace lovers. Her new website is up and running.
  • IOLI's free French Chateau Laces photo essay.
  • Gladstone Hotel - This is an interesting website where an artist has installed a very large lace installation. Go through the website and see it in progress.
  • Home Textile Tool Museum - A museum located in Orwell, PA, whose purpose is to preserve and rekindle an interest in making things by hand.
  • Lace Fence Architectural Fabric - Lace Fence is a Dutch-based company that designs and produces customized architectural fabric - and much of it looks like lace!
  • LaceNews Blog - The most comprehensive webpage on anything related to lace, including instructions.
  • LaceNews YouTube Channel - The LaceNews Channel complements the LaceNews blog, which provides breaking news for the international handmade lace community. The LaceNews Channel collects lace-related YouTube videos in Playlist categories and uploads new selections of interest to the community.
  • Lacemakers Discussion Group - Discussions of lacemaking, on Yahoo.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art - The MET has a beautiful collection that you can view online.
  • Salamander Group - Here is a website where you can see a display of tessellated salamanders. The Arachne website has a 'thread' of people talking about making salamanders. The site is in French, but it is very easy to understand.
  • The Textile Museum - The Textile Museum, located in Washington, DC, is dedicated to furthering the understanding of mankind's creative achievements in the textile arts.
  • Victoria & Albert Museum - A source for lace, digitized for downloading for your peronal use. Search for lace. See this beautiful collection from your home.