Lace Study Groups

The Guild's members come from the area surrounding the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. We meet twice a year at our lace days, typically held in April and October. Various study groups meet regularly throughout the region to make and promote lace. Beginners and experienced lace makers alike are welcome to attend any study groups.

Blue Ridge Lace Guild - Roanoke, VA

Meets most Mondays
Contact: Vicky Green

Colonial Lacemakers - Williamsburg, VA

Meets the second Monday at a member's home
Contact: Janet Hill

Log Cabin Lacers - Baltimore and Ellicott City, MD

Meets the second Saturday of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Contact: Peggy Spencer

Loveman's Lacers - Howard County, MD

Meets the first 4 Tuesdays of the month from 10:00a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Contact: Sandy Shaffer

Montgomery Moonlight Lacers - Montgomery County, MD

Meets the first Wednesday evening of the month at 7:00 p.m.
Contact: Vicki Bradford or Yoko Barr

Patuxent Pinups - Leonardtown, MD

Meets the third Thursday of the month
Contact: Nancy Williams

Queen Anne's Lace - Fairfax, VA

Meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Nature's Yarns in Fairfax.
Contact: Jean Hoadley

Doily Madisons- Washington, DC

Meets the first Saturday of the month
Contact: Tamara Webb


CRLG Lending Library

The following items are available for loan to CRLG members:


Battenberg and Other Tape Laces, Techniques, Stitches and Designs. The Butterick Publishing Co. Dover Publications, 1988, soft cover.

Bedfordshire Lace Patterns, A  Personal Selection by Margaret Turner. Ruth Bean (publisher), 1993, soft cover.

Bright, Sigrid. Hardanger Embroidery. Dover Publications, 1978, soft cover

Cipke, Klekljane. Slovenski Etnografski Muzej Mestni Muzej Idrije. 1970, soft cover

Cook, Bridget M. Torchon Lace Workbook, The. St. Martin’s Press, 1988, soft cover. (3 copies)

Earnshaw, Pat. Dictionary of Lace, A. Shire Publications, 1982, soft cover.

Earnshaw, Pat. Lace Machines and  Machine Laces, Vol. 2. Gorse Publications, 1995, hard cover.

Johnson, Susie; Kauffman, Kathy; van Oord, Jeannet ; Watson, Carol. Withof Duchesse in North America. McCall Press, 1996, soft cover, spiral bound.

Levers Machine & Leavers Lace, The

Levey, Santina; Payne, Patricia. Le Pompe, 1559 – Patterns for  Venetian bobbin lace. Ruth Bean (publisher), 1983, soft cover

Lewis-Wild, Robin. 101 Torchon Patterns. Dryad Press Ltd., 1988, soft cover. (2 copies)

Loveman, Aurelia. Lace. Highlights from the lace collection at the  Walters Art Gallery. 1988

Luxton, Elsie. Technique of Honiton Lace, The. B. T. Batsford, Ltd., 1979, hard cover.

Palmer, Pam. Tatting with Pam  Palmer. C. V. Springett, 1993, paper booklet.

Perryman, Pat and Voysey, Cynthia. New Designs in Honiton Lace. B. T. Batsford, Ltd., 1984, hard cover.

Springett, Christine. Lace for Children of All Ages. C. V. Springett, 1989, soft cover

Springett, Christine. Torchon Lace Book, The. C. V. Springett, 1993, soft cover. (3 copies)

Stott, Geraldine. Bobbin Lace Manual, The. Dover Publications, 1988, soft cover (3 copies)

Stott, Geraldine. Visual Introduction to Bucks Point Lace, A. T. Batsford, Ltd. 1985, soft cover.

Thompson, Susanne. Introduction to Honiton Lace. B. T. Batsford, 1985, hard cover



Baumeister-Jonker, Lia. Russian Tape Lace. Parts 1 & 2

Bury, Patricia. Brugge Bloemwork

Colgan, Louise. Milanese Lace. Parts 1 & 2

Cook, Bridget. Buckinghamshire  Point Lace

Gibbs, Mo. Honiton Lace with Mo Gibbs.

Leader, Jean. Color in Torchon.

Micheli, Vima. Needlelace – Medallions.

Palmer, Pam. Tatting. Parts 1 & 2

Richardson, Cathy. Torchon Bobbin  Lace Making. 2 discs

Springett, C. Bedfordshire Lace I – Basic Skills.

Springett, C. Bedfordshire Lace II – Intermediate Skills

Springett, C. Bobbin Lace for All  Occasions

Springett, C. Fan Mounting.

Springett, C. Spangling the Springett Way.

Springett, C. Torchon Lace I. Parts 1 & 2

Springett, David. Bobbin Turning. Parts 1 & 2

Williamson, Carol. Carrickmacross  Lace

Wenzel, Susan. Starts and Finishes. 3 discs

Williamson, Carol. Needlelace with Carol Williamson.


VHS Tapes

Bury, Patrick. Brugge Bloemwerk. 1995

Cook, Bridget. Buckinghamshire Point Lace. 1993 (2 copies)

Clark, Mildred. Tatting II – Beyond the Basics.

Gibbs, Mo. Honiton Lace with Mo Gibbs.

Micheli, Vima. Needlelace – Medallions.

Richardson, Cathy. Introduction to Bucks Point Lace Making. Vols. 1, 2 & 3, 1994

Southard, Doris. Bobbin Lace.

Springett, C. Bedfordshire Lace I  Basic Skills. 1990

Springett, C. Bedfordshire Lace II  Intermediate Skills. 1990

Springett, C. Bedfordshire Lace 3  Advanced Skills Gimp Edged Flower. 1992

Springett, C. Bedfordshire Lace 4 Advanced Skills Veined Leaves. 1992

Springett, C. Bobbin Lacemaking for All Occasions. 1989

Springett, C. Fan Mounting. 1993

Springett, C. Torchon Lace 2. 1993

Springett, David. Spangling the Springett Way. 1990

Springett, David. Turning Lace Bobbins. 1994

Williamson, Carol. Carrickmacross Lace. 1993

Williamson, Carol. Needle Lace with Carol Williamson. 1993

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